Journey to Freedom is an 8 week course offered periodically by the New Hope Resource Center based on the book by Scott Reall, founder of RESTORE, a life-changing ministry of the YMCA.

Journey to Freedom is about learning to change the things in your life that keep you from reaching your full potential. It will guide you through the stages needed for permanent, effective transformation to take root in your life. Each class will show you that lasting change is possible and give you the tools needed for an enduring commitment to a new lifestyle. Journey to Freedom will also show you how to write a personal plan of action to keep you focused on your journey.

From the publisher: “Do you long for change? Are you tired of going through life feeling defeated and stuck? Do you want to discover your potential and realize your purpose in life? If so then Journey to Freedom is for you. This guide helps you to change the things in your life that keep you from fulfilling your purpose. It offers tools along with an inspiring, practical, and hope-filled vision for permanently changing your spirit, mind, and body.”   Read more…

The next Journey to Freedom course will begin May 2016.  Contact us for more information.