Tough Love

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The New Hope Resource Center is intentional about partnering with clients who are actively trying to better their lives.

When someone comes to us for an appointment, our counselors help clients identify concrete steps they can take to move towards financial stability and life transformation. We call this an Action Plan – it details what the client will do and what we will do to help.

Action Plans help us gauge how invested a client is in his or her own future. Many times, clients come in for their second appointment and they’ve done everything we asked and more. Sadly, though, sometimes we have clients who seem to blow off their Action Plan altogether.

We thought Mallory was one of those clients. Mallory came to us last year for assistance, and by her second appointment it was clear to Julie, her budget counselor, that she had no interest in partnering with us. “Mallory is not moving forward on any of her action steps,” Julie wrote in her notes, which led to a difficult conversation with Mallory – “If she doesn’t work on her action plans then there is nothing else we can do for her.”

Mallory reluctantly scheduled one more follow-up appointment, but Julie thought she’d never see her again. Too much tough love, she thought.

But Mallory surprised us this week. She came in for appointment, and to Julie’s amazement, Mallory had made significant progress on her Action Plan. After speaking with her, Julie learned that Mallory had several other “wake up calls” in her life over the past several weeks that had softened her heart. “She had a better attitude and was having more confidence,” Julie said. Clearly she was finally ready to invest in her own future.

It became clear to us that God was doing something bigger in Mallory’s life, something we were only a small part of. For Mallory, it took a string of bad situations and a handful of people willing to speak hard truths to her before she was ready to open herself to transformation.

“If you are not careful,
you can become everyone’s friend,
but nobody’s leader.”
– Ron Edmondson

If Julie hadn’t been willing to love Mallory enough to tell her the truth, we might have short-circuited what God was doing in her life.

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  1. Jennifer James

    We are finally on a f inacial road to recovery but we have a 12 month plan that will not leave us options for Christmas. Last year MSC helped our family in ways we could not ever have imagined. I wanted to see if you were able to take on our family once more so we can stay on track with our finances. With God as our leader we can make it through everything. With Christ as our anchor we can stay strong together to make this plan work. Please let me know if you have space available to help us and if not if you may have another place you could possibly refer us to. God bless and thank you for your time.

    • NHRC Director

      Way to go, Jennifer! We would love to meet with you again at New Hope so that we can support you along your path and plan together for The Christmas Shoppe. Please give our office a call or email and ask for an appointment. We look forward to cheering you on!

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