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disposalA couple weeks ago I had the privilege to shake hands with Charles, a retired US Green Beret, a veteran of the Korean war who was awarded multiple bronze stars for his service.

Charles lives alone, but his caregiver Bonnie comes in to see him every week. Bonnie called me to ask if the church had a used garbage disposal that we could donate – apparently Charles’ disposal had begun to spew debris back into his kitchen sink. Charles had a neighbor who was willing to install a new disposal, but Charles couldn’t afford to buy a new one on his fixed income.

An unusual request, to be sure!

Of course I didn’t have any used garbage disposals laying around, but as we talked, Bonnie wondered if one of the hardware stores would be willing to donate one – especially to help out such a decorated veteran. I admit I was doubtful, but it was worth a shot. So I asked Bonnie to call around to a few of the local hardware stores. As we hung up, I assumed the matter was dead; I assumed she’d hit a dead end and I’d never hear from her again.

About 15 minutes later Bonnie called back.

Home Depot in Wentzville wanted to donate a new garbage disposal. Mind = blown. Long story short, I swung by the store, gave a donation letter to the manager, and she literally handed me a brand new garbage disposal.  It was that simple!

I delivered the new disposal to Charles later that evening. He was grateful, and as I listened to his war stories (like I said, he lives alone and LOVES to talk to anyone who will listen!) I expressed by gratitude to him as well for serving our country.

I’m thrilled that the New Hope Resource Center can be used by God to connect needs with other resources in our community!

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  1. Rosemary Gore

    This is the kind of news we need to share….fabulous! Thanks, Chris!

  2. Suzi hoebel

    Oh Chris what a wonderful story!! I’d love to listen to Charles’ stories….

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