A size 4 miracle

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IMG_20141222_121814609Every now and then we get to witness sparkling moments at the New Hope Resource Center when God does something miraculous in somebody’s life. This week we got to see one of the moments.

Linda is a single mom who’s facing some big challenges. She has a couple of kids, and one of those kids wears size 4 diapers. Now if you haven’t shopped for diapers lately, let me tell you: diapers ain’t cheap. So Linda has been visiting our Personal Essentials Pantry to defray some of the costs of raising her kids. Every time she comes in she naturally asks for size 4 diapers – the only problem is that particular size is one of the most popular sizes. They’re so popular, we ran out of size 4 diapers months ago.

Linda came to visit the Pantry again last week. I didn’t know she was coming in – but God knew. And as I greeted Linda, I surely didn’t know I was about to witness something miraculous – but God knew.

Less than an hour before Linda walked through the door, one of our volunteers had made an impromptu trip to the store to purchase a few donations – some soap, shampoo, and strangely enough, size 4 diapers. Nobody asked her to go – she just went on her own. But the timing was amazing – we hadn’t even unpacked her items when Linda walked through the door. Needless to say she was thrilled to learn that we actually had size 4 diapers.

There was absolutely no way for Linda to know that – at that very moment – the diapers she needed had just been donated to the New Hope Resource Center. But God knew.

This volunteer didn’t know Linda needed diapers – but God knew.

Nobody asked this volunteer to go to the store go, and certainly nobody asked her to pick up diapers – but God knew.

Once I realized what was happening, I told Linda that God clearly was still at work in her life. There’s simply no other way to interpret it – minutes before she came in, a stranger donated diapers we hadn’t had for months. Either that’s a crazy coincidence or divine evidence.

I choose to believe the latter!


  1. Suzi hoebel

    I’m crying over this one….it helps me to
    Not forget God knows MY needs too!!

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