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The New Hope Resource Center is proud to be a part of Morning Star Church – especially when we see cool things like this!

A few weeks ago, the Children’s Ministry here at Morning Star assembled personal care kits for us to distribute as a part of our Personal Essentials Pantry. These kits include toothpaste, floss, a toothbrush, mints and more!  What I love most is the Scripture card they placed inside each kit; it reads:

Job 11.18-19

“You will be secure, because there is hope. You will look around you and find a safe place to rest. You will lie down, and no one will make you afraid. Many people will want you to show them your favor.”

God bless you! – Morning Star Church Kids

Many of the people who visit our Personal Essentials Pantry need to hear this message of hope. They need to be reminded that God is still in the restoration business. They need to know that peace is within reach.

Who better to deliver this message than the children of Morning Star Church? Children have a way to speaking profound truth into complex circumstances, don’t they? Sometimes we adults complicate matters by over-thinking and over-analyzing the world around us instead of turning to God with a child-like faith. And sometimes the simplest gesture – a pack of gum, for instance – can be a powerful reminder of God’s love.

This gets at the heart of why we operate our Personal Essential Pantry. Soap and toothpaste don’t have much intrinsic value; on average we page pennies on the dollar to provide these items. But a tube of toothpaste can have significant value – eternal value – when given as a symbol of God’s love. We give away these items because it is one small way we can show our community that we believe in a God who is ever-present, even when life seems hopeless.

Thank you Traci and the entire Morning Star Children’s Ministry team! Your generosity will bring smiles to faces all over our community!

  1. Suzi hoebel

    Thank you for creating servant hearts in children. They will be much better adults because of it! Being compassionate is a wonderful trait to encourage. Thank you for all your hard work in the children’s ministry….😍

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