Small acts

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Today I don’t have a story about ending poverty or changing the world. I can’t tell you about major life transformation or a dramatic turning-point in somebody’s life. Instead, I want to tell you about a small, seemingly inconsequential act … Continued

Christmas Hangover

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Days before Valentine’s Day, we’re still feeling the effects of Christmas. No, it’s not because we ate too many cookies – it’s because God continues to weave a tapestry of relationships that began last December in our Christmas Shoppe. Specifically, … Continued

Hope Heroes: Judy

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Join me in celebrating with Judy, a faithful volunteer at the New Hope Resource Center! This weekend, Judy will graduate with her nursing degree – a goal she has been working towards for quite some time. Because she longs to be used … Continued

Tough Love

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The New Hope Resource Center is intentional about partnering with clients who are actively trying to better their lives. When someone comes to us for an appointment, our counselors help clients identify concrete steps they can take to move towards financial stability … Continued

Date night!

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You’ve been working too much, not spending enough time with your family. Your spouse and kids are hungry – hungry for time with you. And for tacos! You need to get out and spend some time with your loved ones. … Continued

A reason to smile

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The New Hope Resource Center is proud to be a part of Morning Star Church – especially when we see cool things like this! A few weeks ago, the Children’s Ministry here at Morning Star assembled personal care kits for … Continued

Christmas Shoppe Pictures!

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This past weekend, over 400 volunteers helped us host the 110 families who visited our Christmas Shoppe at Morning Star Church! Special thanks goes out to the Wentzville School District, who provided so much support throughout this journey! They say … Continued

Thank you Bellerive!

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I got to do something really cool this week. Several weeks back, I ‘made an ask’ for empty laundry detergent bottles – we have some wonderful volunteers who come in every month to make homemade laundry detergent to give away at our … Continued

Garbage Disposals

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A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to shake hands with Charles, a retired US Green Beret, a veteran of the Korean war who was awarded multiple bronze stars for his service. Charles lives alone, but his caregiver Bonnie comes … Continued

A size 4 miracle

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Every now and then we get to witness sparkling moments at the New Hope Resource Center when God does something miraculous in somebody’s life. This week we got to see one of the moments. Linda is a single mom who’s facing some … Continued